Kwality Products has implemented ISO 9001:2015 and is exporting aerospace components (Vanes) to USA. With the exposure to international market, Kwality Products thoroughly understands the importance of maintaining world class quality, delivery and cost standards. Today Kwality Products have well qualified trained staff to cater customer needs.

Metal Bellows

Metal expansion joints (MEJ) also called compensators or metal / metallic bellow. An expansion joint/bellow element employed in a piping system is an assembly of generally more than one convolute in series with the shape of the convolution.

Metal Seals

Recently the company has launhed the products Metal o-ring, C-ring seals and Spring energised c-rings. plating or Coating of the O-Ring Seal is available for achieving the required performance. The sealing performance of resilient Metal Seals is based on a the

Airfoil Vane

Kwality Products is involved in the manufacturing of compressor vanes (stator) used in helicopter engines. The commonly used material for vanes is AMS-5510/(AMS-5613)/ AMS- 5604. More than 35 types of vanes have been developed and manufactured

Stator / Vane Assembly

The company has the ability to manufacture the entire stator vane assembly. All the sheet metal components can be made in house, like: airfoil vanes, washers with airfoil shape slots, circular band along with side collars. The spot welding can be done in-house while brazing

Sheet Metal Components

Kwality Products is actively involved in manufacturing of small sheet metal components. Company has developed variety of compound tools, progressive tools, trimming and forming tools. With the state of the art tool room the company has the ability to develop complex sheet

Roll Forming

Kwality Products has developed a 6 stage roll forming machine specially used to make circular rings with profiles. The machine has capacity to manufacture roll formed components with diameter - ranging 80mm to 400mm, width from 10 mm - 60mm and thickness up to 1.5 mm


Over years Kwality Products has gained experience in machining precision aluminium components a wide variety of size range has been covered specially in Aluminium 6061 T6 material. Components as small as 15 mm in length to 350mm has been covered

Sonotrode / Horn

Kwality Products has achieved great success in developing import substitute components. One of our import substitute product is Sonotrode/Horn. The Horn is mainly used in wire harness industry to weld copper wires. These sonotrodes are specifically tuned for 20 kHz

Electrical Contact

Our company has developed Electrical contacts used in High voltage switchgears. The specialty of these contacts is they are made from sheet metals which earlier were made from solid blocks. Due to conversion from machining to sheet metal, the thickness of the